A street gang known as The Immortals are just trying to get by and make a living for themselves. That living just happens to be manufacturing and selling some extremely illegal prosthetic tech, in the underbelly of a futuristic Australian city.

A sci-fi/drama webcomic, focused on a found family in the Australian underbelly.

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PREHEAT (2018)


A young and ambitious baker loses her bakery in a violent fire, but sees none of the insurance payout. In a desperate act to make money, she turns to smuggling illegal goods through her cake deliveries.

A crime graphic novel with an bright and femme aesthetic.

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Set in a Dungeons and Dragons inspired fantasy universe, a dwarf named Robin sets out on her first ever big quest to help return her hometown to its former glory. Along the way she meets plenty of other adventurers to add to her party.

A positive queer adventure set out in comic strips.