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bilvy (he/they)

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My freelance work centres around emote art, character illustrations, and vtubers. I write and create my own webnovels and webcomics, share exclusive content and WIPs on Patreon, and have an online store where I sell my own art and merchandise.

I love bright colours, thick lineart, smooth gradients, and stories hinged upon their characters. My favourite genres are romance, thriller, and horror, often those in a historical or pre-modern setting.

​For business enquiries, contact me via

bilvo [at]


mister b

lore and references

b and bee.png

Mister B is a honey vampire, a solitary undead being that feeds off blood and honey with an attunement to bees.

Like most vampires, he must slumber upon the soil of his homeland to utilise his vampiric abilities–– but the downside to being alive so long is that B can't remember where he was born, and after misplacing the last of his home soil, has cursed himself to an exhausted, sleepless existence.

Mister Bilv, or "B"


Genderfluid (he/him)

Honey Vampire


5'4" / 165cm



Tired, impatient, forgetful,  flirty, scatterbrained


Goth, dark academic, thot


February 2023

art tag:



the Bunble bee

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