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A love triangle on the open seas, between the clashing tides of love and lust.

Jude only wants to forget his worries when he abandons his small town to join a pirating crew. He's never yearned for romance, but loneliness drives him into the arms of his crew mates and leaves him tangled between two very different men. Confused by their intentions and conflicting truths, Jude struggles to figure out who is right for him, and what he truly wants.


Status: ACTIVE

Updates: Mondays (PT)

Debut: August 29th 2022

Subscribers: 2500+

Biggest Platform: Tapas


          Jude opened his mouth to speak, but fear wrapped a cold fist around his throat when the clouds drifted on and casted bright, clear moonlight upon the man at his side. 

          It was clear now who the real captain of the ship was. Though Straps’ presence was domineering to say the least, she paled in comparison to the severity of the man beside Jude. 

          The man stood tall, with squared shoulders and a straight spine, even as he stood idle and stared at the starless sky. His emblazoned coat engulfed him like a cape, fraying at the hem where it dragged alongside his boot heels. The rich mauve cloak, embroidered with black finery and gold accents, looked more expensive than the very ship they sailed on. Jude could imagine the silken texture of his blouse and scarf just from the way they caught the light, but the delicacy of the fabrics were outshined by a thick strap that cut across his chest, and the half a dozen pistols attached to it.

          His eyes widened when he took in all those guns, each of them slightly varied from the other, with uniquely carved handles and elegantly engraved muzzles. The clash of their differing designs sent a shiver down Jude’s spine, as it became clear that he must have won them from various strangers in battles across the sea.

          “Nice night, isn’t it?” The captain suddenly spoke, his voice deep and distant as he shifted his gaze from the sky to the sea.

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