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Chat Bots

You'll find a lot of chats have bots to help spread information and manages its users. Users can be modded to manually purge any messages, timeout or ban viewers, but bots can also do this automatically under certain circumstances.

Enabling a bot in the chat also allows users to type commands, to which the bot will respond with information. The most common and frequently used commands would be !uptime, in which the bot responds with how long the stream has been live. But you can write your own completely custom commands, like so. As well as being helpful, they’re just a lot of fun, and many are equipped with games and puzzles for people to play with. 

Tiny is a custom bot I run off my computer, using a service called Phantombot. It’s completely free and limitless to use, but it’s just a little confusing to get set up for beginners.

To get started with basic commands and bot functions, Nightbot is the bot you’ll find in everyone’s channel, and the easiest & most versatile one you can use without touching a line of code.

Log into Nightbot here and check out some of its features. You can write custom commands, have the bot intermittently announce things in chat for you, take and play song requests from viewers, and even let the bot handle spam. They can purge messages with blacklisted words, hide links, time users out for spam and all kinds of customisable actions. It’s a good way to take some of the weight off yourself and your mods 

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