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Stream Widgets

This section outlines apps used for enhancing your stream. The apps listed first are what you would use to add widgets to your stream, like a chat box, donation bar, or bit cup, and most streamers will host their tip jars for dollar donations through these services.

You'll control your settings and widgets from the website you choose. It's recommended to stick to just one so things don't get confusing, but there's nothing wrong with mixing and matching widgets. Most will supply with you with a tip jar link, so be sure to check your settings to connect your payout method, and be sure to have this link easy to find on your stream page!

Installing in OBS

When you set up a widget from your chosen site, you'll be given a URL. To put this on your stream, you need to create a new Source, "Browsersource", and paste the URL in there! You can change the position and transform in OBS, but most other settings will be controlled from the original website.

Streamlabs: (My fave! Customise your settings, and browse the widgets under the "Widgets" drop down in the sidebar)


Streamelements: (To export any widgets, you need to make a new overlay and customise it with widgets. It may take an afternoon going through this page to get the hang of it)

Neat Widgets

★Alert Box: This pops up a message on screen when you get a new follower, subscriber, donator etc! It's a great way to thank people immediately when they support the stream. Highly recommended!

Chatbox: A preview of your Twitch chat, so the chat will be recorded on screen, and people have added context for your responses.

Donation/Bit Goal: If you're working towards paying something off or raising money, a dono bar is a great way to encourage donations and show off your progress

Bit Boss: The highest donator will get their username on screen with a health bar. Any additional donations or cheers will slowly chip away their health. The person to give the knockout blow gets to be the new boss!

Event List: A streamlabs widget that shows the latest few events (follows, subs, hosts etc) in a neat little list on screen.

Streamlabels: A download that stores loads of stream information (last follower, subscriber, donator, top donations, recent events, donation goals, user trains and more) as text files on your computer. This lets you display information as a text source in OBS like so! This may have a different name depending on which service you use.

Bit Cup: The cup is a glass jar that appears on screen, and whenever someone follows/subscribes/donates etc, that will be visualised by a coin or bit falling into the cup on screen. Higher values of donations and cheers are physically heavier, and will “dunk” the lighter pieces out of the cup, creating fun explosions on screen. 

Bit cups can also be customised. Shown above is a custom cup I made for Halloween, so instead of a glass or jar it resembled a glowing jack'o'lantern. This can only be done in Streamlabs and requires a bit of coding, but thankfully it's not too complex.

In OBS, add “?debug=1” to the end of the browsersource URL in the bit cup’s source properties. This allows you to see the walls of the cup, so you can position it correctly behind your custom cup image, and track the changes you make in the code. Don’t forget to remove the?debug=1 when you’re ready to stream.

In Streamlabs, go to the Jar page, and scroll down to “enable custom CSS”. Click on the JS tab and scroll down to edit this code as you need

Then you only need to make your own bit cup picture as an image source in OBS, and place it over the top of your original bit cup source!

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