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Scenes and Sources

It's time to customise our OBS scene, aka design our stream! The different sections of OBS including Scenes and Settings have been outlined in the first set up blog, but here we'll go into detail about the sources.

Source Types: Clicking the + in your Source window brings up a list of different source types.

To display your art, whether it's digital or traditional:

Display Capture: Captures an entire monitor to show your screen without any lag or delay. Ideal for users with multiple monitors, or Cintiq users. Highly recommended for screen tablets.

Window Capture: Only captures a single application window of your choice. There is a slight visual delay when using this option, but is the cleanest way to display a single art program or file. NOTE: Some PC users have found issues displaying Photoshop files. See here for a potential fix.

Video Capture Device: For displaying a webcam or other camera

To add goodies to your screen, like bonus information, borders, or other artwork:

    Image: This lets you link an image from your computer to appear on screen, like a border around your video, characters in the corners, background images etc.

    Text: A basic text display. You can type out anything and it will appear on screen, and format fonts and sizes etc. You can also connect this to a file to automatically update certain text.

Browsersource: Used for third party add ons mentioned in a later chapter. This covers your alert notifications, donation counters, chat boxes, and anything you’ll linking to OBS from the internet instead of uploading from your computer.

With this information, you should be able to customise your stream to your liking! A scene can be as detailed or as bare bones as you like, and doesn't affect the quality of your content. You can also make different scenes for different purposes, like a "Starting Soon" banner or a close up face cam for chatting. Here are some older overlays of mine!

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