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mister b

Lore and references

Mister Bilv, or "B"


Genderfluid (he/him)


Honey Vampire


5'4" / 165cm


Eye colour:
Faded (greyed out)


Hair style:
Thick curly waves, shaved underneath. Fringe colour changes between silver, gold, & pink.


Tired, impatient, scatterbrained, flirty


Goth, thot


February 2023, Pre-debut

mister b chair.png

Mister B is a honey vampire, an undead being that feeds off honey and nectar and has attuned himself to his bees. Like most vampires, he must slumber above the soil of his homeland to utilise his vampiric abilities–– but the downside to being alive so long is that B can't remember where he was born, and after misplacing the last of his home soil, has cursed himself to an exhausted, sleepless existence.


the OG
Bunble bee

Bilbee is a wholesome little bee with bunny-like characteristics, who stands roughly 8-12 inches tall. This "Beetuber" was one of the first models I ever created back in August 2021. I've been using this model to stream with ever since, and he'll always be my favourite part of my branding.

During Mister B streams, Bilbee will be present as the stream TTS mascot, and his squishy cheeks and dead eyed stare continue to host Lofi/Study-With-Me productivity streams.

bee ref.png

character sheet

mister ref sheet 2.png

Click this image to view/download B's high res reference sheet.

When drawing Mister B, feel free to lift the tattoo art from the transparent png below, to save yourself having to redraw any of his tattoos. Alternatively, download the PSD here. Please do not cut and paste these designs for your own characters.



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